Del Valle High School
Reunion 68
August 17, 2018
2 months and 28 days
until our reunion.

AUGUST 17 - 18, 2018

Fifty years since we graduated. All of us have experienced so much. Kids, spouses, hard times, good times, laughter and tears. So many years. We have all grown, all learned so much. We left our teen years behind us long ago, matured into adults, and are now entering our senior years.

So very strange, isn't it? Strange to look back. Yet we still remember our favorite teachers, our best friends, and what mattered to us then. Some of us had a great time, and some of us, including me (Shari Dyer) - not so much. 

But carrying those memories of classmates as though they are still real today is to dismiss the years that have made us the vibrant, much wiser, and far more experienced people we are today. 

I know this one up close and personal. I was bullied a lot, as many of you know, in junior high. The attitude of some of my classmates carried into high school. I avoided the lot of them whenever possible. 

At the 19th reunion, many came up and apologized to me. They were not who they were. A couple have become good friends over the years. Those in the reunion committee have become family.

We really are all family - all of us. We have common experiences that cannot be shared on the same deep level with anyone else. There is a resonance that opens the heart. If you haven't been to a reunion yet, do come. The experience will surprise and delight you. You will be so welcome by all who knew you. ALL who knew you.  We've all grown so very much.

If you have been to our reunions, be sure to come to this one too!
It's our 50th!!
Think about that!
So come on, all seniors! Celebrate your life with friends who would love, love to see you again. 
Save those dates!

Please go to REGISTER and update your bio. It's easy. You will need a password. If you need help, please contact us. Make sure your email, home address, and phone numbers are current.

A reminder - if you know where anyone is on the Missing Page, even if you don't know exactly where they live, but know where they work, please do contact us. It's all good information, and can be the only thing we need to be able to track the classmate down.

Posting a photo of yourself is appreciated too! Please include your maiden name, if applicable, when you enter your information. 


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