This website is our way of keeping in contact with our classmates.
We have over 67,000 hits so far. By making a donation you are making it possible to keep this website up and running.
Thanks to you, we have paid for the next five years, but are told they will be raising their rates. If you can contribute just ten dollars each year, odds are very good we will have the cost covered by the time the cost comes around again in 2018. Thank you!!
Doe Clingman
Bryan Coleman
Diane Doubleday
Patty Parsons
Betty Allen Lazzareschi
Linda (Lynn Andrew) Nelson
Karen Rasmussen Aronson
Win and Mary (Shellenberg) Sale
Susan Taylor Kydd
Kathie Saylor
Bronwen Heuer
Mike Farrell
Dave and Nancy Gerber
Sharon Jacobucci
and a whole lot of classmates at the 2013 Reunion on Friday night. Thank you!
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Recent Contributors

Dave Olson Date Received: 04/2/2018
Anonymous Date Received: 08/13/2013
"This is donated by our classmates at the 2013 Reunion. Thank you!!"
Joan Foster Date Received: 08/8/2013
"Thanks for keeping this website for us, Shari! Hard work, yet so worthwhile!"
Wendy Wilkes Date Received: 08/6/2013
Patty Emry Date Received: 07/2/2013
"Great job Shari!"
LINDA NELSON Date Received: 04/24/2013
Susan Taylor Kydd Date Received: 02/15/2010
"Hi Shari, What a good idea this is....if everyone pitched in just a little it should keep the website going! I so appreciate you taking this task on! Susan Taylor Kydd"
Win Sale Date Received: 02/2/2010
"Dear Sheri, Thanks from Mary and me for all your efforts. They are much appreciated. Win "

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