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Fifty years since we graduated. All of us have experienced so much. Kids, spouses, hard times, good times, laughter and tears. So many years. We have all grown, all learned so much. We left our teen years behind us long ago, matured into adults, and are now entering our senior years.

So very strange, isn't it? Strange to look back. Yet we still remember our favorite teachers, our best friends, and what mattered to us then. Some of us had a great time, and some of us, including me (Shari Dyer) - not so much. 

But carrying those memories of classmates as though they are still real today is to dismiss the years that have made us the vibrant, much wiser, and far more experienced people we are today. 

I know this one up close and personal. I was bullied a lot, as many of you know, in junior high. The attitude of some of my classmates carried into high school. I avoided the lot of them whenever possible. 

At the 19th reunion, many came up and apologized to me. They were not who they were. A couple have become good friends over the years. Those in the reunion committee have become family.

We really are all family - all of us. We have common experiences that cannot be shared on the same deep level with anyone else. There is a resonance that opens the heart. If you haven't been to a reunion yet, do come. The experience will surprise and delight you. You will be so welcome by all who knew you. ALL who knew you.  We've all grown so very much.

If you have been to our reunions, be sure to come to this one too!
It's our 50th!!
Think about that!
So come on, all seniors! Celebrate your life with friends who would love, love to see you again. 
Save those dates!

Blessings to all,
May 16, 2016

Our 50th Reunion

Greetings Classmates!
  Here we go - planning for our 50th Reunion has begun! Our 50th! Wow.
  So get ready - it will be in August of 2018. We will tell you the dates as soon as we know them ourselves. Right now the only thing we are fairly sure about is that it will be on a Saturday, to make it easier traveling for those who have to come from far away. And we sure hope those people come. After all, it's our 50th! 
  More later - keep an eye on the website, and we will send you update emails from time to time. If you got more than one (say, six) emails last time, our apologies. The website doesn't immediately indicate that the emails have been sent, and so the button is clicked again.... and again .... and nothing happens. But something really does, and we just don't know it. Sorry about that.
  So keep your Saturdays in August 2018 free for now. See you then! 



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Sharon jacobucci ouka on September 22, 2018 10:01 PM
I am working on the reunion book for our 50th reunion. I have some ideas for this yearbook adn would like to incorporate not only headshots that were taken when you arrived, but a grade school picture as well. I want this to be a "special" keepsake for you being our  50th, Dont you? 
Pkease note, the book will NOT have any classmates who did Not attend the reunion. We just dont have the room. And, really, this was YOUR DAY!!

Ive had some issues getting many of the pictures, primarily becasue i didnt attend grade school out here, and only 8th grade in Jr. High. Fortunately Norm Rominger has class pictures of Fairview and Montecito. (now if you werent in HIS class at Montecito then obviously I would need a picture of you in the class that you were in.
I also received some copies of classmates from Parkmead Jr. High. but Not for Buena Visa or Parkmead elementary.. I have a few other classmates that have been able to help me out with a few here and there. Some have actually sent me Their OWN picture, which is great.

Its possible you might not have (or able to locate) any pictures to send me,  if so, and they are on any of the copies Im receiving from other classmates pages, I can use them if your on it and approve.

At this point, it can be ANY grade picture you want, if we have it. We may very well have "a mix" of  K thu 6 and some Jr. High. Thats ok too.  

BUT, Most Importantly....I Need to know...
DO YOU WANT A PICTURE of yourself as a younger student in the book???
I do NOT want to put your picture in the book without your permission, That would not be a good thing. So, please let me know asap.  Just reply to my email, yes you do or NO you dont. I need to know this. If i dont hear back im going to assume you DONT want it, but id really appreciate a reply either way.

This oroject is very tedious, and if we want to get these books to you in a timely manner,  I need this information pretty quickly.  I cant begin to layout the pages and place photos until i know how many want them in there. .

Thus far, Ive received about 35 verbal orders. Ive received 17 checks to date.

My apologizes ifI've repeated this information more than once on this email, 
I have been able to email to some of you so your hearing this more than once im sure.

IF you dont know, we do have a facebook page, so please visit it. Info will be on there too. Im praying im not leaving anyone out, and doing the best i can to try and get through to all of you.   
Please continue to check our site here under the BLOG section Shari told me, which is where im posting this.... as well as our Facebook page.

I had hoped to have these done by end of this month. Not going to happen, but hope to have it by end of October, So, please be patient. I think you'll be happy with it. 
I havent decide yet how im going to handle the checks as i receive them, I may just hold onto them until Im ready to place the order, OR i may just open a dseparate account and put them in there. Either way, please dont worry, it will be fine...I promise not to go out shopping!

Thank you all for help and assistance in advance.


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