Dates, place, time, costs and payment options are up on under the Details of Events menu link. 

Don't miss this one!

This page is to keep everyone up on what is happening with regards to the Reunion and each other. If you have news of a classmate or faculty, please let us know.

If you don't find a classmate either here or in Found, it might be that the person has passed. In that case, you will find that person listed in In Memory Of. Thank you.
Hello Everyone!

Here we are, your Reunion Committee, meeting again to plan our 50th Reunion. We've worked out the details. You can find them on the Details of Events page. Nothing fancy - just food and beverages to settle us into the evenings. Mostly, we know, we are all interested in seeing each other. Please do let us know your plans on the RSVP page as soon as possible. Do come - we all want to see you, and we are not getting any younger! 

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