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Sharon O'Neill (Scott)
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Fresno CA US Graphic Designer, retired Committed Relationship 2 2016-05-17 20:55:34
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Chris Offen (Linvill)
October 04, 1950 Foster City CA USA seamstress Divorced 2 2013-03-20 20:47:03
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David Olson
Lakewood CO Plumber Married 5 2018-04-02 22:09:23
After a stint in the Navy, I went to work in the North Sea, Africa,India and Mexico. Finally settled down in Colorado. Been blessed with the company of a wonderful woman, Carol for many years, and together we have 5 children, 11 grandchildren and 2 greats. We operate a small plumbing/heating business, which keeps us as busy as we like to be. Look forwards to the reunion. Send David a MessageSend David a Message
Ellen Ostertag (Kent)
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February 23 Marina del Rey CA US Clinical Psychologist Married 3 2013-08-26 14:45:21
  The attached photo is of my husband, Bob, and me watching the Oscars on our wedding night in 2007Being I did not know what to write about myself, please read the bio of me written by Bob on my art website: It sums up what I have done other than being a clinical psychologist.
As an update to the information on the website is the happenings of my three sons.
  • Damon (1975) is now retired!  He and his girlfriend, Delia, live in Marina del Rey with no children YET!  I am still optomistic.
  • Bryan (1979) is the executive chef at Milt's BBQ for the Perplexed in Chicago.  The restaurant has been featured in American Ways Magazine and The New York Times.  It was named #8 of the Top Ten Restaurants in Chicago.  He and his wife, Sarah, live in Chicago with two daughters.
  • Max (1981) does "something." None of us really know what it is other than studying Torah.  He never asks for money, so all is ok.  He and his wife, Malky, live in Jerusalem, Israel with their four children (two boys and two girls, AND COUNTING.  They seem to be on the two year plan.  Go figure.
  • Bob has a son, Derek (1978),  a children book author ("The Scary School"  series) and a daughter, Jacqueline (1981).  Jacqueline and her husand, Greg, have a son.
Suffice to say, the children are into major procreation.  So far (between the two of us) there are seven grandchildren, ages  six and under.  I am aiming for eighteen, figuring Max will congtribute ten with the other four children contributing the rest.
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Richard Otto
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September 19, 1948 Walnut Creek CA US Raconteur - among other things Married 2 2018-04-14 23:04:17
"Don't know much about history.....don't know much biology.....don't know much" the 60's-70's-a basic blur in my book. Left HS - went to Viet Nam - came back - have had numerous careers across just about every working sector. Mostly, I have just been following the "shiny things on the beach"  and going after whatever fascinates me at the moment.  Still the eclectic I always was. I recognize some of the names here.........but, remember very little about specifics (so all your secrets are safe with me - CSR - Can't remember *&^% [stuff]). Looks like a lot of work went into the reunion. I am always amazed at such accomplishments. Glad to see folks are hanging in. Sorry to see that we have lost quite a few along the way as well. So, time to celebrate the best of times and the best of HS Graduating Classes....may I suggest the 1968 Chateau Mouton Rothschild?  (at about $2000 a bottle) Only the best......for the best !!!!

Dick Otto passed away 01/13/13
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Margaret Oxsen (Vonk)
July 02, 1950 Santa Rosa CA USA Homemaker Married 3 2013-04-06 14:28:23
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Leona Page (Anderson)
Walnut Creek Ca. USA Cleaning Business Married 2 2012-08-06 12:29:46
A big thank you to everyone that has put in so much work in organizing this reunion. I'm not sure whether I will be able to attend as my husband Gary and I usually spend summers on our farm in North Dakota. We are in the process of renovating a 100 year old house and it is very hard leave. Send Leona a MessageSend Leona a Message
Paula Palmer (Palmer-Kain)
finding balance... Single Again 3 2018-04-14 23:07:31
per email from Paula-do not contact her-high school was painful-does NOT want to hear from us!! 07/17/13 DM

Paula Palmer died in 2013.

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Patty Parsons (Emry)
Pacheco CA US Married 2 2018-04-14 23:09:18
Married 33 yrs in August.   Have 3 Grandsons.  Currently working at The Container Store in Walnut Creek and love it!  I design closets and spaces...anybody need storage solutions? Love to read and putter in the garden and go to movies.

Patty Parsons Emry passed away early Monday morning, February 12, 2018. More details on the "In Momory Of" page.
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Bob Peacock
Walnut Creek CA Software Development/Business Owner Single 2018-08-21 17:03:22
I have lived in and around the Bay Area since high school. I own a company that produces web-based business software solutions. My passion has been playing electric guitar over the years and I continue to write and record music. Send Bob a MessageSend Bob a Message
Robert Peacock
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CA Web Applications 2016-05-16 00:22:15
More fun than ever now ... :-) I went back to school when I was around 45. I took all the masters classes in multimedia, web coding, etc. The programming was easy for me since I was involved in that earlier ... Love it ... When I was in school, there were many calls coming in to hire all the students for web production. The web was just beginning. I worked for a number of the big high tech companies in the Bay Area and then started Neko Media Inc in 1999. The business is busier than ever now. With this type of business I can work from home, play guitar and NOT commute. woooo hoooo
Pepe' (Joseph) Perez Joseph (Walker (Perez))
October 20, 1949 Roseville CA US Retired Married 3 2017-04-18 03:58:57
I actually left Del Valle HS toward the end of my sophmore year, as my mother moved the family to Napa to be with my Grandparents and we were eventually all involved in building the first public golf course in Napa. Graduate Napa Senior High in 1968 after recovering from serious auto accident inthe summer of '67.  Eventually went to school and Sac State uiniversity.  Got a job with the state and retired in 2008. Three kids all doing well, married since 1970. I'll post photos when I find some. Send Pepe' (Joseph) a MessageSend Pepe' (Joseph) a Message
Eric (Rick/Preston) Peterson
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Napa CA Mobile Wine Botter Divorced 2013-07-04 13:38:12
Looking forward to seeing you.  Thank you to those who are making this possible.  If I can help with this please let me know.  Formerly Rick, Pressy to the girls on yearbook and now Eric.  See you soon.
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Joyce Peterson (Jarrard)
October 26, 1949 Danville CA USA Deceased Married 4 2018-04-14 23:10:26
After graduating from Del Valle, I attended Brigham Young Univrersity. I later married and had 4 children-2 boys and 2 girls. I was able to stay home with the children while they were young. Later I went back to work part time and did insurance processing. The job was flexible and allowed me to travel frequently on business with my husband. We also enjoyed taking the children to see this beautiful country. We have some great memories. I no longer work and the only traveling I truly enjoy are the trips that include visiting children and grandchildren. We recently enjoyed being all together at Newport Beach. There were 19 of us!
This was written by Joyce for the 40th Reunion.

She passed away February 22, 2009
William Price
Lafayette California USA Chevron Retiree Married 2012-08-06 12:40:52
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Clay Prout
August 07, 1950 Grand Junction Colorado U. S. A. Aviation Interior Specialist Married 1 2012-07-13 22:26:24
   What a blast rambling through this e-Yearbook!  I'm surprised and pleased to discover such vivid memories of so many of you.  I am married to a fabulous woman and we have an awesome son who just turned 8.  Also; 2 great dogs, 2 cats and 2 tortoises.

   In 2001,  I earned my MBA from the University of Southern Colorado and moved our family to Colorado's  Western Slope.  I closed my upholstery business of 25 years and joined a big outfit that services corporate and private jet aircraft exclusively.

     My main job, though, is DAD.  I coach youth baseball and am a Cubscoutmaster.  We all love to camp & rockhound, hike & bike, study & play, love & learn together.
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Karen Rasmussen (Aronson)
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Chico CA USA Retired Widowed 2 2018-08-17 18:17:09

Can't wait to see everyone.  Thanks so much to Sheri for getting the ball rolling.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help out.

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Bob Reid
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San Juan Bautista CA USA Musician/Horse Trainer Divorced 10 2012-08-06 12:25:53
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Mark Richards
Dixon CA US Forced Retirement: 100% Combat Disabled Married 2013-03-20 23:09:23
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Misty Richards (Tucey)
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Sacramento CA usa Regional Pricing Supervisor Widowed 3 2012-08-06 12:40:53
Sheri, thank you for all your hard work. Mark,(not my brother) for the phone call. Not fair that you haven't aged and have a full head of hair.
Not sure if I will make it or not but know everyone will have a awesome time. 
Thanks to my brother Mark for being the Angel in my life.
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Dana Riffe
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Hixson TN Business Owner - Software Development Married 2 2012-07-13 21:05:04
40 years! I guess I better make it back for this one, since I missed all of the other reunions. I look foward to swapping all the tales as well as the lies about what we have done with our lives. Besides, we all need to get together before Mark Hull's 'travel agency' books our final ticket. 

Hey Ritch and Tallye, are you going?
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Karen Ring (McGee)
Burlingame CA United States caretaker, professional volunteer Married 3 2012-08-06 12:29:23


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Norm Rominger
Concord CA USA Contractor Married 1 2012-08-06 13:19:29
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Janet Ross (Christoph)
Harrison TN US CNA Married 5 2013-07-09 23:06:17
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Jeannine Rouse
Concord Ca. U. S. homemaker/ actress/ P. I. Committed Relationship 1 2012-08-06 12:30:21
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roxanne Roxy Durell (kendrick)
December 23, 1949 San Rafael CA US Co-Founder Dogtrekker Married 2 2018-07-18 11:32:44
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Cathy Runion (Steiner)
St. Francisville Louisiana USA CEO private rehab facility; Scientologist Married 2012-08-06 12:25:54
My husband (Tom Steiner Del Valle Class of 69) and I  have had 37 wonderfully fulfilling years together pursuing our goals of working toward leaving this planet in better shape than when we entered it.  Send Cathy a MessageSend Cathy a Message
Dave and Nancy Russell (Gerber)
Morgan Hill CA Engineer Married 2 2016-05-20 23:14:51


We have worked at the same engineering consulting company for over 25 years and don’t plan to retire any time soon because we love our work and the people we work with. The year 2010 was a year of celebration (our 40th Anniversary and trip to Prague) as well as profound loss. Our daughter, Kristin, died at the age of 35 from congestive heart failure. Though we knew from birth that she had this challenge, she lived a full and happy life until her passing. She left behind her husband, Jake, and two precious grandsons who fill our lives with such fun, happiness and gratitude to her. Our daughter, Katie, continues to enjoy working as a Wine Marketing Manager and lives in the City while commuting to Napa. Dave still loves cars and working in our beautiful yard and I enjoy entertaining in our home and spending time with our grandsons whenever we can. We are so thankful to God for our blessings and his loving support during the hard times.

Nancy Russell (Gerber)
Morgan Hill CA Engineering Aide Married 2 2012-08-06 12:29:23
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Win Sale
Tucker GA Professor Married 2 2012-08-06 12:25:53
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Win Sale
GA US Professor Married 2 2018-04-11 13:16:38
Don Sane (Nofrey)
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May 06, 1951 Santa Cruz Ca. Motorcycle Dealer Married 1 2012-07-13 21:22:02
I am not from the class of '68, rather the class of 69' 
But I know so many people from this class I thought I would register anyway.
I have a sister, Pam., and Chere', also DVH students. One a year older and one a year older.
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Don Sargent
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May 04, 1950 Castro Valley CA Retired Teacher Committed Relationship 2 2018-03-06 12:35:53
    Graduated Sacramento State in 1973 and went on to several careers from merchandising representative to Gourmet food importer and distributer, to corporate relocations specialist. In 2002, at 52+ years of age, I went back to school and earned two teaching credentials, one in Social sciences and the other in Special Education. Taught in the Bay Area until I retired in June of 2014. 
   I have two daughters that still reside in the Bay Area and have successfull careers. Kate, the eldest is head of Humane Relations for Method International, is married and I am expecting my second grand child on my birthday in early May. My youngest, Mollie, is  the Practice Manager for a sucessful surgical robotics company here in the Bay Area. 
   Retirement is an adventure and I leave soon for some charity work in Nicaragua. I have been working on the reunion with my adopted family of DV grads and can't wait for the 50th to get here!
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Mark Sarty
February 09, 1949 CA US Steel Estimator/retired Committed Relationship 2 2012-07-14 01:09:41
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Kathie Saylor (Tompkins)
June 13, 1950 Cupertino CA US Retired!!! Married 2 2018-08-24 17:22:53
I am sorry to have missed the 50th reunion.  
My husband, John, and I just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary.  We celebrated by taking a month long trip to Europe.  I retired two years ago and I am loving it!
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Marc Schirato
Walnut Creek CA USA Retired Married 2 2012-08-06 12:28:34
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Margaret Schultz (Blair)
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Folsom California USA HR Manager Divorced 2012-08-06 12:29:22
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Marnie Scott (Brennan)
Martinez CA Secretary Married 3 2012-07-13 21:12:05

Thank you to everyone on the committee for arranging these events.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again.  I divorced after 30 years of marriage.  I have 2 sons (34 yrs & 30 yrs).  The older has two 2 girls (13 yrs & 1 yr).  I recently remarried to a truly wonderful man so now I have a step-daughter (26 yrs) too.  Life is good.

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Sally Sehring
Point Reyes Station CA Retired Married 2 2018-07-31 18:18:28
Married to Bill Gonda for 37 years.  We’re both retired now and have moved to west Marin- -less traffic, more gardening, hiking and bird watching and we’re practicing spontaneous travel.  How did we ever have time to work when there was so much else to do  Both kids are married to great people. Our son and daughter-in-law are both in academics, living back East and working on getting jobs in the same state.  Daughter and son-in-law live nearby (yippee).  He’s in business workiing for a non- profit. She’s a veterinary technician, raising rabbits and spinning their fur while she retools and reschools for a career change. Oh, and if  you need any sheep sheared, she’s got a side business shearing.

i look forward to catching up with everyone at the reunion.  Thanks so much to our intrepid organizers.
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Susan Shalit
San Francisco CA US lawyer Committed Relationship 1 2018-05-31 14:41:53
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Robert Shelby
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August 11, 1950 Boulder Creek CA usa scientist Married 4 2012-07-14 22:25:39
Thanks to the organizers/motivators for doing this.  I think this is about the best time of life for a reunion... a bunch of people with a lot in common who have a whole lot of catching up to do, with not much left to prove.  I really want to come.  My big family campout is traditionally the first week in August, but I'm hopeful we can cope somehow.  Best to you all, and to the ones that are making this happen especially. Send Robert a MessageSend Robert a Message
Margaret Shellenberg (Herald)
Sparks NV teacher Married 3 2012-08-06 12:25:51
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.  Thank you to the reunion committee for all the hard work. Send Margaret a MessageSend Margaret a Message
Mary Shellenberg (Sale)
November 16, 1950 Tucker GA Teacher Married 2 2013-06-29 09:08:42
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Mary Shellenberg (Sale )
November 16, 1950 2018-08-21 19:30:24
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Tia Shields (Clark)
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December 31, 1969 Laramie WY USA paraeducator and independent consultant Married 2 2018-05-30 22:59:26
My husband Roy and I have been blessed with 2 wonderful sons, 2 wonderful daughter-n-laws and 5 grandchildren with 2 more on the way JUly 30th and Aug 17th so we will not be able to attend the reunion this year as we will be greeting our new family additions.  
We enjoy our retirement full of service in our church, family, travel, photography, friends, cruising in our Corvette and experiencing God's beautiful creation!
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deb simonds
October 22, 1950 Cazadero CA US retired registered nurse Married 2017-03-30 11:37:39
My husband John and I live way out in the beautiful hills inland from Fort Ross/Timber Cove north of the Russian River.  I am really enjoying retirement.  I have my own mosaic studio where I create odd things.  Very fun.  We bought a travel trailer so we can travel with our two blue heelers. 
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Lu Soria
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Pleasanton CA Communication Technician Single 1 2012-08-06 13:25:30
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Paula Springman (Linssen)
Columbia California United States of America Special Education Teacher Married 2 2012-08-06 12:29:23
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Beth Stenberg (Bischel)
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February 11, 1950 Menlo Park CA Embroidery business owner Married 3 2012-07-14 22:35:28
We settled in Menlo Park, and have lived in same house for 32 years. I've had 3 careers: nutritionist, fulltime mom, and business owner. Youngest daughter is finishing college this fall. The other 2 are living in bay area. We love to spend time in the Sierras at our cabin, hiking, biking and hanging out with friends. Send Beth a MessageSend Beth a Message
Joy Stirton (Shonfeld)
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April 16, 1950 Danville CA USA Project Manager & Estimator for a Mechanical Contractor Married 2 2012-08-06 12:26:03
I've been married for the second time around for 15 years.  I have three grand kids.  Two boys and a girl.  My husband, Rich and I enjoy a number of activities and it keeps us on the go quite a bit.  I have been working in Mechanical Construction for about 20 years.  I currently work in Napa, CA.  Send Joy a MessageSend Joy a Message
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