Del Valle High School
Reunion 68
August 18, 2018
7 months and 3 days
our Reunion.


Hi DV68 Classmates!


We are delighted that the reunion was such a success. So many memories remembered and more made. We were honored to welcome Mr. Hoy to our reunion on Friday.

A lot of the photos of our 50th Reunion are now on the Photos page of this website. Please feel free to add your own jpg pictures.
Del Valle Memory Books class of '68. (from Sharon Jacobucci Ouka) All but four books have been delivered. The response was really good and I was happy to hear that everyone was really impressed with the end procuct. I wanted to let you know, I have extra books!
  If you are interested in purchasing one, please let me know ASAP. Cost is $48.00. This includes shipping, and is well worth the price.
  After these are gone, the cost, not including shipping, will go go up to $67.68.
  You can email Sharon at 

There is a poll page now. It's the next item down from here on the menu. It's pretty basic, asking if you want another reunion, and if so, any comments you may want to make. Please do enter your opinion there. It takes two seconds.

If you haven't registered, or haven't updated your register, please do so. If you need help, just contact me (Shari) via the Contact Us page on the site. 

We encourage you to give your comments on our guestbook!


P.S. To all those who couldn't make it, for whatever reason, we missed you!

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